Ambulance Service

Ambulance service with doctor escort.


Rapid Test - PCR Test - Antigen Test for a safe trip back home.

24/7 Medical Service

We remain on call for all emergencies 24/7 during the summer period.


Where people come first

Mehall Corfu provides high quality medical care for pathological and emergency cases requiring diagnostic tests and therapeutic intervention and  health services in various medical fields such as general surgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, etc. by a highly trained and experienced medical and nursing personnel.


Most skillful doctors

The highly trained and experienced personnel of Medhall Corfu supports also incidents that require secondary healthcare, guiding the patients according to the seriousness of the situation either to the public Hospital or to a private clinic.

Always there to care.

Working Hours

24 HRS
24 HRS
24 HRS
24 HRS
24 HRS
24 HRS
Excellent Cooperation With Insurance Companies

Our team of multi lingual, experienced and professional administration staff ensure that patient liaison with their private insurance companies and travel insurance companies, is handled in an efficient manner wherever appropriate.

Experienced Doctors And Nursing Staff

Our team of experienced doctors and associates are already well known and respected in the local area by permanent residents, vacationing visitors, tour operators & hoteliers.

24/7 Health Service

Our medical nursing and administrative personnel is on call 24/7 ready to serve your health care needs in our facilities or to your accommodation.

Leading the Way in Medical Excellence

In our brand new multi-specialty and diagnostic center, we are fully equipped to deal with any trauma or illness, minor surgical cases and internal medicine cases.

Always there to care.

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